Coursework Cover Sheet Cardiff

This guide explains how to submit coursework assignments electronically through Learning Central. Learning Central supports two types of assignment, each with a different submission process.

A Blackboard assignment

Submission Guidelines

Blackboard Assignments

Your lecturer will give you guidelines on the content and structure of your submission. Please follow these carefully.

In some cases, lecturers will ask you to submit your assignment as a single PDF. Submissions of this type are batch printed. Consequently, if more than one file is submitted there is a danger that parts of your submission will become separated from the rest and it may be difficult or impossible for staff to identify related components.

When submitting your assignment as a single PDF, please ensure that:

  1. Your submission includes a coversheet on the first page.
  2. The resulting PDF can be read on any platform. Some platforms use fonts that are not available on other systems. As a result, content may be missing or unreadable when viewed on different systems. This issue can be avoided by ensuring that all fonts used within the document are embedded in the PDF file.
  3. When including program code, it is clearly formatted and easy to read. Wherever possible, code should be submitted in portrait layout. Use good programming practice to avoid long lines of code.
  4. When embedding diagrams, they display correctly and are clearly legible within the PDF.
  5. All content is suitable for printing in black and white on A4 paper. Colour printing is not available, so please ensure that all content is clear and understandable when printed in grayscale. Similarly there are no facilities for large format printing (i.e. larger than A4), so consideration must be given to the size constraints to ensure that diagrams are clear when printed.
  6. Submissions do not exceed 80 pages.

Further good practices include:

  1. Addition of a header or footer containing your name and student number.
  2. Use of page numbers (particularly of the format ‘Page 1 of 10’).

A guide to producing appropriate PDF documents can be found on the School website at

Turnitin Assignments

Your lecturer will give you guidelines on the content and structure of your submission. Please follow these carefully. Turnitin currently accepts the following file types for upload into an assignment:

  • Microsoft Word (DOC and DOCX)
  • Corel WordPerfect
  • HTML
  • Adobe PostScript
  • Plain text (TXT)
  • Rich Text Format (RTF)
  • Portable Document Format (PDF)

The file size may not exceed 20MB. Files of larger size may be reduced in size by removal of non-text content or the instructor may be contacted to request multiple assignments to submit the document in sections.

Ideally you will submit either a single Word or PDF document. Your lecturer will give you guidance on this. A guide to producing appropriate PDF documents can be found here (link to relevant doc).


The coursework coversheet can be downloaded from the School website at the following address:

The coversheet consists of a PDF form that must be completed electronically. Please only use Adobe Reader to complete this form. Other applications may cause compatibility issues.

For group submissions, each member of the group must submit a copy of the coversheet. Please include the student number of the group member tasked with submitting the assignment and tick to confirm that the submission has been checked, and that the submitted files are final and complete.

Please complete the Special Provision details only if you have provided evidence of need to the Disability & Dyslexia Service and have requested this adjustment.

Naming Files

Your file name should consist of your student number followed by your surname, initial and an appropriate descriptive name. For example, if your student number is c1234 and your name is Brian Jones, a suitable file name could be:

The file extension (i.e. docx) will vary depending on the package used to produce the file.

When uploading an assignment, problems sometimes occur with certain filenames. To avoid this you should ensure you use filenames that do not include special characters (e.g. !, “, £, ?, $, %, ^, &, *, (, ), #, @, [, ], {, }, ;, :, \, |, /, <,>).


By submitting your coursework electronically through Learning Central you are agreeing to the following declaration:

I hereby declare that the attached submission is all my own work, that it has not previously been submitted for assessment, and that I have not knowingly allowed it to be copied by another student. I understand that deceiving or attempting to deceive examiners by passing off the work of another writer, as one’s own is plagiarism. I also understand that plagiarising another’s work or knowingly allowing another student to plagiarise from my work is against the University regulations and that doing so will result in loss of marks and possible disciplinary proceedings.

Submitting Assignments

Submitting a Blackboard Assignment

Module leaders may allow you to submit your assignment more than once (to allow you to modify your assignment after a submission has been made). Where this is the case, ONLY THE FINAL FILE SUBMITTED WILL BE CONSIDERED.

Submitting a Turnitin Assignment

To see a copy of your receipt, view the similarity report or check your feedback.

  • Repeat steps 1 to 3 in this guide. To see your receipt, click the ‘intray’ icon and select ‘digital receipt’. If you want, you can download this.
  • If similarity scores are available, click the coloured block to see what matches have been found. Remember, this is a measure similarity and not evidence that you have plagiarised. Speak to your tutor if you are concerned.
  • If there is feedback for your work, you can click ‘View’ to see it. Not all assessments are marked using this system, and feedback will not be displayed until the ‘post date’. If you think you should see feedback and the post date has passed, speak to your tutor.

To view feedback, in the main panel, move your mouse over the blue icons to see the feedback. The right panel displays other information. By default, it shows the general feedback for your work, but you can change these with the icons.

On the home screen for the appropriate module, click on the Assessment option to navigate to the assessments area of the module.

Click on the title of the assignment to begin submission.

Click Browse my Computer to navigate to and select the file you wish to submit.

Should you need to remove a selected file for any reason, click the Do not attach link next to the appopriate file name.

When you are satisfied that you have attached the required file(s), click the Submit button.

You can now review the content of your submission. A preview is available for supported documents. To check non-previewable documents, you can use the download buttons next to uploaded components to download a copy to your computer.

Please ensure your files have been successfully uploaded. Whilst some types of file will be displayed in your browser window, others may need to be downloaded. Click OK to continue.

1. On the home screen for the appropriate module, click on the Content option to navigate to the content area of the module. In some cases Content may be replaced by Assignments or similar.

2. Click on View/Complete below the title of the assignment.

3. The Class Homepage will be displayed. Click the submit button to begin the submission process.

4. Enter a title for the assignment.

5. Click the Choose from this computer button to navigate to and select the file you wish to submit.

6. Review your submission to ensure you have uploaded the correct file.

If you are happy with your submission, click the Confirm button. If not, click Cancel to reattempt your submission.

  • Speech bubble: General comments
  • 3 bars: Lists all the feedback given, organised by page
  • 8 boxes: Displays the rubric or marking grid (if used)

Cover sheet / declaration

Coursework submitted in hardcopy must be attached to a Coursework Submission Cover Sheet.

Coursework submitted electronically must include a Coursework Declaration.

Your submission should be anonymous and identified only by your candidate number. Do not write your name anywhere on your work or on the cover sheet / declaration.

Plagiarism and collusion

In submitted coursework all sources used must be cited appropriately to avoid plagiarism. All work, unless explicitly labelled otherwise, must be submitted individually; similar/identical submissions will be investigated for collusion. The Academic Office has published some excellent, general advice to students on how to avoid plagiarism and collusion, including definitions of the terms plagiarism and collusion.

Place of submission

All assignments, whether they are formally assessed or not, must be submitted to the Engineering and Informatics School Office, unless otherwise indicated. Please look out for any announcements about submission location. Any assignment that has not been entered on the electronic submission system will count as a non-submission and will normally attract a fail mark.

Policy on re-submission of assignments after the deadline

Students should note that the School of Engineering and Informatics has adopted the following policy regarding re-submission of assessed coursework assignments.

No re-submission of assignments will be permitted after the submission deadline. Prior to the submission deadline, resubmission is permissible.

Note that this policy applies to both submission via the School Office and electronic submission.

Deadlines for submission / timing of examinations

Submission deadlines and examination timetables can be found on your Sussex Direct pages.

Late submission

No work can be accepted more than 7 days after the submission deadline.

Exceptional circumstances for late submission or impaired performance

If you feel you have compelling evidence of exceptional circumstances for submitting late or for impaired performance, please contact the Student Life Centre.

It is important that you organise your time effectively so that all assessed work – especially your dissertation – is submitted on time. Note that failure of your computer or loss of data on a disk is not regarded as an acceptable reason for late submission. So if your assignments require the use of computers, either for programming or document preparation, please make sure you are not dependent on them, particularly when submission deadlines are close.

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