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Cloning Right or Wrong? Essay

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Cloning Right or Wrong? Have you ever heard of cloning before? Well it has a lot of ups and its downs, many people are against it and many are for it? In my paper you will hear and of the good things and the bad things that happen in cloning and you can decide if you think it is right or wrong.
When I looked up the definition for cloning on www.m-w .com it stated that cloning is to propagate a clone from or to make a copy of. A book on cloning that I read stated that cloning is genetically identical cells. Cloning’s history is as early as 1952 and the first cell transferring was in 1970. The cell process was not 100 percent accurate every time. Back in the 1970’s many scientists struggled with trying to clone something and it…show more content…

When people talk about cloning the bible is usually taken out on a person that is for cloning. Religion now a day has just decided to pretty much ignore the topic and forget about it. If humans were cloned they say that there would be a huge inbreeding problem and the world will start having even more population than what is necessary. Cloning is pretty much just a huge issue without an end; it’s something that you can argue on and on about. I looked up a chart and found one on about people’s thoughts and what they think about cloning. The poll was taken on 1997 and consisted of 1,005 American Adults. These are the results
93% of people felt that the cloning of humans was a bad idea
66% thought that the cloning of animals, such as sheep was a bad idea
69% are scared of possibility of human cloning
74% believed that it is against God’s will to clone things; while only 19% say that it is not.
A later poll was then take in 2001 by CNN and these are the results for that poll
90% of people still thought that cloning was a bad idea
67% of people that that cloning of animal was a bad idea
Only 45% of people thought that it was possible to have human cloning within the next 10 years or so.
69% of people think that it is against God’s will and should not be done; 23% say that it is not.
Laws on Cloning
Only fifteen states have their own law on cloning even South Dakota. This is South Dakota’s law: Prohibits

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Scientific experimentation has led us to many great discoveries such as: Chemotherapy, heart surgery, and bone marrow transplants. Recently scientists have discovered a new way to heal humans. This is known as cloning. Although they have yet to clone a human they have cloned sheep. Cloning has brought up a huge controversy among the American people. There are two sides to the story. Either you agree with cloning or you don’t. The only way to help make that decision is to look at the good and bad points of cloning. There are many positive aspects of human and non-human cloning. Human cloning technology could be used to reverse the number one killer in the United States, heart attacks. Scientists believe that they…show more content…

By combining this technology with human cloning technology it may be possible to produce needed tissue for suffering people that will be free of rejection by their immune systems. Conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, heart failure, and other problems may be made curable by human cloning. (“Cloning to Save Lives”) Now there are also some ways that we are playing god through cloning. For example, infertile parents could easily have a baby cloned using their DNA and women that are at high risk for Down’s syndrome can avoid that risk by cloning. Even though this sounds great we are basically changing reproduction, as we have always known it to be. There are also many negative aspects of cloning. To create different organs or limbs in order to help a person to live longer or more comfortably seems to go against nature. The way human life should be created is through sexual intercourse. Harmond Varmus, a schoolteacher, said it best; “Human cloning represents a grave attack on the dignity of conception and on the right an unrepeatable, unpredetermined set of genes.” To clone an animal is almost the same thing. We are playing with the way humans and animals have reproduced for years. Is it fair that we clone and then kill an animal just for its organs in order to save a person’s life? Scientists are not even sure that the animal’s organs will be compatible with the human body. According to the Medical Research

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