Essay On Drug Addiction In Nepal

Kathmandu, June 6

There are no conclusive reasons to exactly figure out what leads today’s youth into drug addiction.

Peer pressure, misunderstanding between family members, frustration, poverty etc are some of the reasons known to many of us.Youths below 25 years are prone to fall  into the vicious trap of drug addiction.

Eighteen-year-old Ram (name changed) from Kathmandu began taking drugs from the age of 16 while studying in Grade XII. His parents had issues at home and they quarrelled with each other frequently. This made his stay at home troublesome and he started taking drugs.

“Due to misunderstanding between my parents I didn’t like to go home. So I began to stay with at my friend’s home and slowly became a drug addict,” said Ram.

In the same way, Prakash (name changed) from Lalitpur left his school while studying in Grade VI. When he came in contact with friends, who were addicted to drugs, he abandoned his studies. He shares, “I never felt like studying when I started doing drugs.” He added, “My family couldn’t afford to provide me pocket money. So, I began to work in daytime as a conductor and meet friends at night to get refreshed.”

Abin KC, founder president of Maya Nepal Drug Alcohol Treatment Centre, Lalitpur, informed that people below 25 are prone to drug addiction. Mostly, frustration, lack of family support, unemployment and low self esteem lead adolescents to drug addiction, “ said KC. He further said only 30 per cent of such addicts return to their normal life whereas rest of the addicts continue using drugs.


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Raju Pandey1, 1Setidobhan-Kathmandu Linkage Forum (FOSKAL), Kathmandu, Nepal

Background: Drug abuse problem in Nepal has become very serious in Nepal. Particularly, the urban and sub-urban areas of Nepal are susceptible to sale and abuse of drugs. Therefore, the society, families and the life of adolescents of these areas of Nepal are highly affected and endangered due to the abuse of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and other pharmaceutical drugs.

vMethods: A study was carried out in a small township called Dallu in Kathmandu, Nepal from June 2006 to August 2006. A comprehensive questionnaire was developed and distributed to the known drug abusers of the study area to find out the level and effects of drug abuse on them, their family and society. Participants of the study were adolescents (12 to 25 years old) and some household heads (38-66 years old). The sample size was 130 persons (95 drug abusers/addicts and 35 household heads). Results: Thirty five percent among the interviewed 95 abusers and addicts were injecting drug users (IDUs) and most of them were multi-drug abusers. Remaining 65 percent were the abusers of marijuana, hashish, alcohol and other pharmaceutical drugs. The responders did not reveal about the prevalence of HIV, Hepatitis B and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) as the prevalence of such diseases is considered as humiliation in Nepalese society. Most of the abusers of the study area are adolescents.

Conclusion: Lack of the knowledge of the harmful effect of drugs has been found as the major cause of drug abuse among the youngsters of the study area. As the situation is worsening, it is imperative to determine the impact of drug abuse and carry out effective drug abuse prevention programs to improve the health of this vulnerable urban population. There is also the need of public awareness raising program through NGOs involving local communities.

*Presented at the 2008 NIDA International Poster Session at the Society for Prevention (SPR) Conference.

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