Kean University Admissions Essay Samples

Essay Prompts

Admission essay help & documentation

  • Two (2) letters of recommendation. Letters may be from teachers, counselors, employers, coaches, etc.
  • Personal essay writing by you (1­2 pages) expressing your educational and professional career goals.
  • List of your high school activities and/or work experiences, indicating any leadership positions held.

How to submit

Essay/Personal Statement:

  • Upload to your Kean Application/Common Application.
  • Mail/Fax/E­mail a .doc or .pdf copy of your essay to the Kean Office of Admissions.


Kean Hall ­ North Wing
T: 908.737.7100
F: 908.737.7105
[email protected]

Alumni statistics

Where they live

Greater New York City Area - 34,990
Greater Philadelphia Area - 1,476
Greater Atlanta Area - 439
Miami/Fort Lauderdale Area - 405
Washington D.C. Metro Area - 383

Where they work

Newark Public Schools - 179
Merck - 165
Rutgers University - 159
Elizabeth Board of Education - 159
AT&T - 145

What they do

Education - 5,325
Sales - 4,496
Operations - 3,969
Healthcare Services- 2,902
Entrepreneurship - 2,311
Administrative - 2,286
Support - 2,190
Finance - 2,126

What they studied

Psychology - 3,676
Business Administration and Management, General - 3,615
Accounting - 2,484
Marketing - 1,827
Computer Science - 1,539
Management Science - 1,285
Elementary Education and Teaching - 1,269
English Language and Literature/Letters - 1,191

What they’re skilled at

Customer Service - 10,560
Microsoft Office - 10,049
Microsoft Excel - 7,964
Management - 7,945
Leadership - 7,176
Microsoft Word - 7,091
Public Speaking - 6,986
PowerPoint - 6,658


Michael Callan

Chief Operating Officer
Regional Director of Operations at Alliance Hospitality Management
Various Operational Management Positions at Interstate Hotels Corporation
Chief Operating Officer / Vice President of Operations at Global Hotel Group
Bachelor of Science, Management Science

1986 – 1990


Jack Zimmerman

CFO at Evonik Oil Additives USA, Inc
CFO at Evonik Oil Additives USA, Inc.
VP Controlling at Degussa Corp
FI-CO SAP Team Lead at Degussa Corp (now Evonik)
BS, Accounting

1973 – 1976


Marisa Petroro

Actress at Drop Dead Diva
Actress at Back Of Book Staged Reading w Ed Asner
Actress at Ragtop DayDream Short Film
Bachelors in Science, Marketing

1991 – 1995


Lisa Mills, CBCP

Chief Information Security Officer at Deutsche Bank
Assistant Vice President, Business Continuity Planning / Risk Management at Merrill Lynch
Operations Management at Merrill Lynch
BS, Business and Marketing

1985 – 1989



Recommendations to apply

Kean University My Alma Mater !

I am glad to be part of Kean University. Not doubt that Kean is the best University for educators in N.J. My college experience was awesome because of my professors and classmates. I truly have learned so much from my classes and professors. I really had a great time during my college years.

I graduated from Kean with honors with a Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Arts and Spanish in 2008 as well as my son did in 2011 with a Bachelor's Degree in Media and Film. In 2006 I was a Founding Member and Vice-President of the "Sigma Delta Pi" which is the National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society for students, scholars, and professionals in the area of Hispanic studies. Membership is an honor given to excellence in the field. My time at Kean was definitely one of the best moment of my life. Kean provided me with the tools that I needed to become successful. I love Kean, my Alma Matter!


Francisco Guerrero

World Language Teacher at South Plainfield Public Schools
World Language Teacher at South Plainfield Public Schools

2004 – 2008, Bachelor of Arts in World Languages


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      • Junkroft, Kristina
      • Kachur, Lewis Ph.D.
      • Katz, Richard Ph.D.
      • Keddis, Ramaydalis Ph.D.
      • Klein, Dennis Ph.D.
      • Kong, Xurong Ph.D.
      • Kozel, Sue
      • Landa, Robin
      • Li, J. Jenny Ph.D.
      • Logue, Holly
      • Lorentzen, Laura Mackey Ph.D.
      • Marchena, Martha Ph.D.
      • Marks, Donald R. Psy.D.
      • Mascari, J. Barry
      • McGill, Joseph P.
      • Mercantini, Jonathan Ph.D.
      • Merritt, James Ph.D.
      • Mongellio, Matthew Ph.D.
      • Palgi, Josh Ph.D.
      • Perkiss, Abby Ph.D.
      • Qi, Feng Ph.D.
      • Ramanathan, Dilrukshi Ph.D.
      • Regal, Brian Ph.D.
      • Richani, Nazih Ph.D.
      • Robbins, Alan
      • Robinson, Marsha Ph.D.
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      • Shebitz, Daniela Ph.D.
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      • Sutton, Mark Ph.D.
      • Tracey, Diane H. Ph.D.
      • Vassiliou, Evros Ph.D.
      • Verdi, Gail Ph.D.
      • Wetta, Frank J. Ph.D.
      • Yildiz, Melda Ph.D.
      • Yu, Xiaobo Ph.D.
      • Yuan, Wenli Ph.D.
      • Zafra, Pablo Ph.D.
      • Zamora, Mia Ph.D.
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